Looking For My Abuela. October 26,2014

Two years ago I wrote in my Camino blog about a tiny woman praying in a wayside chapel. I went to that same little chapel and waited. This time she never came. I waited, hoping she might come. Talk about a long shot. Maybe she was at home praying or cooking or visiting…maybe she left this world and entered the gateway into her life in the Kingdom.
In any event, I saw this as a sign from God. Mind you, I’m not much into asking God for signs and I guess I would welcome some obvious Divine intervention if it were to come my way. But it appears God wants me to rely only on quiet infusions of Grace.
The “sign” I received in that little chapel on the Way was just that: a quiet, nudge from the God of new life that I needed to become for others what that abuela was for me. The emptiness of the chapel became filled with an inner resolve to become a man of deeper prayer. That’s it…real simple.
What a gift this little woman of faith gave to me : a struggling pilgrim trying to find his way. Prayer is the only answer: to pray for others.
Buen camino. Fr. Frank





7 thoughts on “Looking For My Abuela. October 26,2014

  1. Dennis Kamalick says:

    Frank, working on the monograph I am still preparing for the anniversary of our faith community, I have encountered repeatedly St. John of the Cross’ warning about “special signs” (images, voices, impressions etc.) that can often distract, instead of lead us toward union with God. Our own Father Rosmini reminded us in his rule that ” . . . the will of God is to be found in the circumstances in which we are placed.” With regard to your abuela, it seems to me that both of those men would be giving you a big thumbs up right about now, my Friend. Buen camino!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Frank, we hope your journey is going well. We have arrived in Florida to beautiful warm weather. Thanks for your wonderful message. Phyllis & George


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