Les Miserables. March 3, 2015

One  of the greatest musicals ever to come out of Broadway is Les Miserables: a word that means:  the lowly ones… the poor…the outcast. A moving take of love and sacrifice and redemption. God’s “Miserables” are at the heart of Jesus and the gospel; they are also at the heart of the prophet Isaiah’s call to sacrifice and fast NOT by giving up something, but by DOING something for God’s Miserables, and Isaiah specifically mentions two of the most vulnerable: the orphan and widow. 

Lent is a time and a season of sacrifice and giving up. What sacrifice most pleases our God? The answer is no different today than in Isaiah’s, over 2,500 years ago: do something to help the most vulnerable in our society: the poor, the undocumented, the abused children, those who are “trafficked”, the unborn, the lonely. 

What can our church, our parish, do, right now,  at this Lent? We can have the courage to do what is in our power and ability to take our place among the “Miserables”, by walking in their shoes and washing their feet. “Foot Washing” is a sacrifice most  pleading to Christ. At the heart of gospel living is to see ourselves as one of God’s Miserables…and find salvation. 

Peace. Fr. Frank 

The photos were taken at the three morning masses at St. Teresa of Avila in Chicago.