Mass at the Cruz de Ferrel. October 27, 2014

The high point of this Camino happened at the highest altitude of the entire Way. This is the shrine where I brought the hundreds of prayers placed on the wooden cross, the many holy cards of memory, and a small rock from the foundation of our church building. I also brought a tiny part of the black metal grill that was a part of the original 1962 church that was removed during the 1988 renovation.
I prayed the Mass with two other pilgrims right at the foot of the shrine.
What an amazing and powerful sight: to see mounds of rocks and stones representing things that needed to be let go of, the heavy inner baggage that ways us down. Underneath these stones were prayers of desire and I am sure, desperation. Plunged in the middle of this shrine of memory and burden, is the Cross of Christ , sitting atop its massive thin pedestal.

The Cross penetrates our hearts, transforming pain and suffering and sin into new life. New life and purpose ALWAYS….always emerge from the Cross, freeing our hearts to beat in joyful love. The mass I celebrated for your loved ones and for the individual prayers expressed was simple and poignant: the earth was the altar, human hands became the ambo(pulpit), the sky was the roof and the sun the light. The bread and wine came from this altar of earth…and so did we who worshipped the God of Creation.

Your prayers and holy cards and a small part of our church foundation are forever a part of this shrine. Nothing more need be said.
Buen Camino. Fr. Frank





9 thoughts on “Mass at the Cruz de Ferrel. October 27, 2014

  1. Barb Schell says:

    Fr Frank, The Women’s Spirituality Group met last night. Cathy had prepared a beautiful meditation for us which rocks as symbols of those areas in our life we needed or wanted to let go and leaves representing those things for which we were grateful. As we sat in our circle of prayer and silence, we placed in the water the rocks symbolically letting go and a leaf for each rock so our gratefulness floated on top. It really helped me to realize that there is something to be grateful for even in our burdens.

    At the end of the evening someone mentioned they thought it was close to the day you would be placing our prayers among the rocks of Cruz de Ferrel. While we were a day behind you, the connection between us in our room at St Teresa’s and you on the Camino felt very real. Our prayers are with you and we miss you.


  2. What an amazing journey. Thank you for carrying our prayers. Our prayers for safe entry of our daughter were answered. Violet Grace entered our world 10/9. Happy and healthy. We pray for your safe return and miss you.


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