A Sea of Humanity. October 14, 2018

I made my way into St. Peter’s Square and not a seat to be had. No surprise. I stand here in front of the Basilica in awe of the multitude of expressions of the human family. Tens of thousands of people from dozens of counties on every continent, and I mean EVERY continent!! The Church is at her very best when she gathers together the people who follow Christ. Scandals will always scatter but faith and saintly women and men GATHER people in a unity of Catholic faith. The SUN shines its bright rays of light on the gathering of the nations; the SON shines His love and peace on His people. What beauty!!!

The seven human beings about to be declared as saints of the Church by Pope Francis are with this gathering of humanity. They are a part of the Church in eternity; we are a part of the Church journeying in time and place, struggling to live the gospel. It’s all one Church separated by the gateway of death. Where these Saints are now, we wish to follow, right through that gateway we so fear and into freedom. May they lead us on!!

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