Faith Working Through Love. October 16, 2018

What a beautiful verse from St. Paul’s reading to the Galatians in today’s first reading at Mass. He says clearly that the Law and obediently following its countless precepts will ever save us, for the only thing that truly matters is “faith working through love.”

Our faith is like a hand and love clothes the hand like a glove . Our faith in Christ must find expression in our attitudes and actions. This is at the heart of love: to love God and neighbor, friend and enemy, family and stranger. We are called to “cloth” our beliefs, practices, rituals and prayers with Love. Faith without love is sterile, juridical and judgemental; love without faith is rootless, lacks purpose and becomes self centered.

We, as disciples of Christ, are called to cloth the world lavishly with justice, kindness, joy, mercy, and hope. These are sewn together by love creating a beautiful tapestry. As Jesus says in today’s gospel, our inner hearts will be renewed and cleansed when we give alms. Giving to the poor brightens the color of this tapestry.

Peace. Fr. Frank

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