Spending Time. November 16, 2014

If you have money, it is very easy to spend. We live in a culture that seems immersed in the need to spend more and more money, which is supposed to fuel the economy. For so many of us we spend money we don’t even have through the use of oftentimes many credit cards. We build “houses of ‘credit’ cards that fall apart in an

The gospel of the talents challenges us to look at how we spend our time. We can waste endless hours of time binge watching a tv series or channel surfing; we spend time shopping in malls or on the internet; we drive kids from one activity to another in a frenetic busyness; in short, we frequently spend our time in ways that keep us on the surface of life. Investing our lives in experiences that root us in creative endeavors means spending time wisely.

Turning off tv’s and computers and cell phones allows us to invest our time reading, writing, praying, cooking , exercising , playing with kids, remodeling a room, learning a language, and the list goes on. Wasting time or spending time mindlessly is a certain way to “bury one’s talents .” We can only allow talents to be unearthed and cultivated if we know what they are and spend our time letting them grow.
Spending time creatively is at the heart of a joyful and engaging life.
Right now , our teens are learning how to bake Apple pies that will we used to give to our homeless at Loaves and Fishes. What a great investment of time.

Wasting time means burying our lives and all the potential we have to making the world a better place , not so much for ourselves , but for others, especially our young people. Investing time wisely and creatively is a work of the Holy Spirit that allows the walls we build around God to collapse.

When we free God from the constraints we place upon Him… We free ourselves and the way we spend time.
Buen camino. Padre

3 thoughts on “Spending Time. November 16, 2014

  1. You are an excellent homilist, to be that you have to be a great writer. Being a great writer of your homilies and sharing them onthis blog means they will last more than the hour that we are in church with you on Sundays. Keep up this blog and maybe even link it to the St T’s website.

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