Becoming a Prayer. November 15, 2014

Jesus teaches through the parable of the Unjust Judge to keep praying like the persistent widow who wouldn’t give in until justice was served. We are called to pray ceaselessly so that a just world is established. The purpose of persistent prayer is to create a world of justice, the foundation of which is the dignity of each human being.

Instead of just “saying” your prayers, think of prayer as sitting in the presence of the God we call Love, and say little or nothing. Just BE in God’s presence. Praying with words is important and praying for intentions is essential , but these are necessary gateways into wordless and imageless prayer. We become receptive to God and let Him do the “talking.” If we see prayer as what WE do or say instead of what GOD has to say, our life of prayer will remain shallow.

Think of it this way : instead of saying prayers, you, yourself, must BECOME a living, human prayer. This is the kind of prayer that changes hearts, minds, the world. This is the prayer that creates Justice, and only then , Peace.

Buen Camino. Padre



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