God’s Question For You. November 17, 2014

“What do you want me to do for you?” Is what jesus asks the blind man in the gospel. The question is being asked right now, to YOU, by God: “what SPECIFICALLY do you want me to do for you?” This question is at the heart of life, for what we want, says much about what we value.

The man in the gospel tells jesus that he wants “to see.” He doesn’t specifically asked to be healed of blindness but only that he “sees.” When his eyes are ” opened, ” he “sees” the One who is the only answer to all prayer. The physical healing is secondary to the inner recognition of just who Jesus really is. Spiritual “sight” is much more important than physical sight. Think of people like Helen Keller who was never physically healed of her blindness but “saw” as most of us never truly “see.”

Physical healing is only one way that God uses to awaken us to God’s Presence in all of life and creation. Jesus physically healed many but certainly not all people. It is safe to say that Jesus only cured a handful of people and brought back to life from the dead three people that I can think of. The simple fact is many, if not most, people do not experience physical healings or cures, as much as inner strength and vision.

The question is a haunting one that demands much time and thought. But most importantly, patience, for God’s response usually unfolds gradually and in ways that may surprise us. God will respond…but we may not like the response.
Buen camino. Padre

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