A Charlie Brown Christmas. December 22, 2016

I just watching this beloved classic remembering watching it with family when it first aired in 1965. Charlie wonders in exasperation just what is the meaning of Christmas. Linus takes center stage and  asks for a spotlight to shine down on the stage as he beautifully tells the story of the first Christmas according to Luke’s Gospel. After telling the story of Christ’s birth, Linus tells Charlie Brown in so many words, “Now that’s what Christmas is all about.”

Wow!!! It really is so simple that the true meaning of Christmas can easily get lost in the trappings of the season. A cartoon over 50 years old is timeless in its message, which is barely 25 minutes in length. Take the time to reflect on what Christmas is all about. Let the wonder and beauty of the Nativity of our Lord, the Word Made Flesh, take center stage in your heart. The Christmas story is alive in your  own life, as you give birth to Christ every time you love, forgive, reach out, accompany, gently speak the truth, feed the poor, welcome the stranger…”Glory to God in the highest and Peace to His people on  earth.”

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