The Virgin of Orisson. October 5, 2016

Walking up a rather steep hill on the Camino the pilgrim is welcomed by a humble, beautiful shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The statue is small, 3  feet, unadorned…truly a statement of humility. The basque people may be deeply proud of their unique heritage and culture, but they are also very humble… earthy. I love  them and their kindness. 

All around the statue are prayer cards and petitions, begging God to hear prayers and alleviate suffering. Mary, as she stands with her back to the Pyrenees and her face to the pilgrims, how appropriate and beautiful, reminds us that she carries our prayers to her Son. Mary is a powerful, humble guide on the pilgrimage, not the one to Santiago but the journey that YOU are on, wherever you live. Life is a pilgrimage and we’re all journeying together, albeit on different routes. We journey in the Spirit, with Mary as our caring Mother, leading the Way. One step at a time…Buen Camino. 

Fr. Frank

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