The Power of Prayer. October 5, 2016

In today’s gospel, the disciples ask Jesus to teach them to pray and he responds by giving them the prayers that unites all Christians: the Our Father. Prayer, expressed in words, even the Lord’s own words, leads to a deeper reality  within our hearts: love…God’s Love. When we experience this Love, words are not necessary. They lead us to the Person of God, who takes care of the “rest.”  Yes, prayer is simply “resting in God,” words no longer being necessary. 

So many of us do not go beyond the beautiful rituals of prayer and devotion. We cling to realities that are meant to be go of, so we can encounter the living God dwelling within the tabernacles of our hearts. Even in powerful mantra like praying-the rosary, for example, the repeated words are LET GO OF so that the one praying can surrender to God’s presence. We even need to let go of the beautiful Mysteries we meditate on so God can speak the truth we need to hear. 

As I walk, I LET GO of all your prayers and petitions to God who will answer each and every one of them. And Mary in her unique vocation to give us life, does so by carrying our spoken prayers to her Son. Mary loves each and every human being, no matter if they follow Jesus or not. She is everyone’s Mother. All pilgrims walk underneath a small image of Mary sitting in top of an arch, gazing down in love  on ALL God’s people. Most don’t even notice her presence. 

In prayer we fleetingly connect with that loving Presence which gazes in our hearts in Love… a Presence we rarely take notice of or are aware of. No problem. God is always there waiting. 

Buen camino. Fr. Frank

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