Excess Baggage. September 30, 2016

Spent a lot of time yesterday at REI with a fantastic store helper who opened my eyes in how to best load the backpack. I’ve done this twice before and learned about compressing those items that can be compressed, getting out the air pockets. So much easier to pack and the weight is distributed more evenly making for a much easier walk. 

But it was his recommendations about not taking some of the items presently being packed. I eliminated almost one pound of excess baggage, which is unbelievably significant. Lightening the load, so to speak, letting go of unnecessary baggage makes for a wonderful journey. 

Pilgrimages are metaphors for life itself. Letting go of the interior baggage lightens the load…and the spirit. We all carry too much internal baggage, in the form of: painful memories, anger, fear of change, not meeting others’ expectations, not forgiving oneself or another. Let go!!! Make the journey through life lighter. Walking with a heavy heart or walking with a joyful heart… dragging one’s feet or walking with a bounce in your step…what do you need to let go of…

Buen camino. 

Fr. Frank

4 thoughts on “Excess Baggage. September 30, 2016

  1. Mary Jo Rice says:

    God speed dear Frank. Your courage puts me to shame. I recently watched “The Way” and all I could see was you on the screen. At least I had some visual of what you have experienced. Say a prayer for me and all those we have loved, as I will for you.
    Mary Jo


  2. Tom Kinsella says:

    Thanks for this great reminder that we all have to unpack from time to time. Travel well and remember, we will be with you in spirit! Peace.


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