What Holds Us Together. October 21, 2014

I am gazing at the Cathedral in Leon, a magnificent building , built of brick and mortar centuries and centuries ago. Why is it still standing when most of our own buildings are lucky to make it to a century? Yes, the workmanship was meticulous and slow, but it had a purpose : to give praise to the the Living God , Who Jesus embodied and made known in his Incarnation and life. This “edifice” stands and is held together by faith.
In the first reading in today’s Liturgy from the Ephesians , Paul speaks of the LIVING edifice of the church being held together ….. standing…. secure in Christ, the cornerstone. We as a church are held together in Christ. We stand in praise of the Risen Lord and remain standing in praise….in His Spirit.
As individuals of the Household if God, as individual citizens of the city of God, we stand in and with Christ.
Without Christ, our lives slowly lose that which keeps us together and standing : His Spirit. Once we accept Christ, our lives fall apart without Him as our center of stability.

Sitting in the quiet and beauty of the cathedral , I was awakened by the God who entered our lives in unexpected ways. In today’s gospel, Jesus reminds us to stay vigilant and awake for the Lord will enter life and He wants us expectant. I was caught a bit off guard as I sat in the cathedral and became overwhelmed when I thought of the voices of people raised in prayer for 800 years!!! In a sense, Jesus entered my life in the “third watch,” the darkest hour, as I was being bathed in the light of the sun (SON) beamed through the countless windows of color , telling the story of the People of God. It is Christ’s Light that shines through each one of us and our story in 2014 is very much a part of the same story told through these windows. Our lives can only have meaning and depth and purpose if we see our very selves as a part of the whole story. This larger story is incomplete without You!!!!!!!
Please….Please, awaken to your beauty and the part you play in the story, and history , of God’s pilgrim people, the Church.
Buen camino. Fr. Frank.





4 thoughts on “What Holds Us Together. October 21, 2014

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fr Frank,

    I know you are more than half way – congratulations! We continue to pray for you and enjoy your daily communications.

    Mark Van Grinsven


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