What Is Your Treasure. October 20, 2014

Jesus tells the story about a man who decides to keep building barns to store
more grain to insure a brighter future. But what happens when the Lord calls him from this life to the next?
There is no insurance policy for death. It comes to each and every one of us when we least expect it. All the money in the world and the barns of storage one builds will prevent this inevitable passage in life.
Yes , death is a passage , a journey….a pilgrimage in which the destination point is a reality jesus refers to as the Kingdom. In this life as we journey we can make this kingdom a reality…a state of mind and heart , that lives in the present moment. Yes, we must make plans for our future but those plans can NEVER become our “treasure” because they assure us of nothing. The treasure is living love…

The treasure we have is living the commandment to Love God and neighbor. Love is the only thing we take with us in the passage from this life to the next. This Love is surrounded by the memories of those who have shared with us the journey in this life. And the One Memory of the Cross and Resurrection of Christ that we live and celebrate in every Liturgy and with every breath we take…transforms those memories into lived experiences, once again and forever. This is the greatest Treasure.
Buen Camimo. Fr. Frank




5 thoughts on “What Is Your Treasure. October 20, 2014

  1. Thanks for this posting. The 651 Club enjoyed an evening with Mary and Anemarie hearing of their Camino experiences. We also met with Saha and heard of her excitement at joining you, along the way. Myrna and I wish you well. You are missed here. Peace.


  2. Laurie and Tom says:

    Tom and I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog. I think you must be near or past the half way point. Congratulations. We are praying for you for the rest of your journey.


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