Feeling Lost. Burgos. October 13, 2014

I came to a juncture on the Camino to Burgos and I chose the path that brought me through an ugly industrial park. The other choice was the one of beauty and peace. I was alone almost the entire time with no sign if the yellow arrows or shells. I kept walking and hoping and walking…until I spotted two bulky pilgrims in the distance ahead of me. I picked up the pace and within an hour I caught up with them, a lovely couple from Japan who spoke no English but made it clear this WAS the Camino.
Relieved , I thanked them, and walked on feeling more confident and less alone.
Getting lost is a constant theme on the Camino because it is easy to miss the signs. But in the end ,I really wasn’t lost at all, just uncertain if I was on the right path.
It is so easy to get lost in life. We discover that perhaps we took a wrong detour or are on a particular “path” we didn’t plan. In my feeling lost , I turned to Jesus who just kept walking with me leading me on paths not planned or predicted. There is a wonderful verse in one of the Psalms: “I will lead the blind on paths unknown and will turn the darkness into light ,not letting them stumble.”
God is leading you on paths that are unknown to you but will always lead to life and light. Let yourself be led by God and be surprised at what He has in store just for you. For me, I was led to a kind couple from Japan who spoke no English but spoke comfort to me. I entered Burgos quite confident, bathing in the experience of being found by two strangers.
Buen camino. Fr. Frank


12 thoughts on “Feeling Lost. Burgos. October 13, 2014

  1. Jason says:

    Loved this message!! “Life. Where’s it leading us”? Hehe. Whenever I feel struggle or confusion I always remind myself that the path and the universe has it planned for me. It’s amazing when we think how God is always with us and leading us down the right road. It’s the trust/faith that scares us. But when we give up control we really start seeing the beauty of life. Keep it up Frank. Miss Ya.


  2. Nancy Van Grinsven says:

    Your message really hit home for someone like me who is ALWAYS getting lost! Seeing two other pilgrims must have made your day! Take care.


  3. James says:

    Sometimes geyyng lost isn’t such a bad thing as we discover who we are.

    It’s drizzlng in Chicago today and I was feeling inspired by your trek so I’ve loaded my pack and will walk the city until I am tired.

    You shall not walk alone.

    Peace be with you Father


  4. Sharon says:

    Such a great message – we are never alone (thank you God!) plus a good reminder that we are also here for each other. While we are not physically with you Fr. Frank, we are definitely there in spirit!


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