The Wizard of Oz. October 12, 2012. San Juan de Ortega

When Emilio esteves wrote and produced the movie, The Way, he loosely based the premise of the film on the classic story, The Wizard of Oz.
Somehow, Martin Sheen in ruby slippers is a bit of a stretch but one I’m willing to ponder. I need a good laugh!
We are all on our own “yellow brick road,” trying to find the right path to Oz, or santiago , or a marriage , or A career, the list goes on and on. We all have a destination that we think will end our restless spirits. But every destination in this life is a temporary stop along the Way of Christ Who IS the Way, leading us all through many stops and hellos and goodbyes into the ultimate Destination: the Kingdom.
We can’t cling to anyone or any thing, for in our clinging we will be disappointed.
The Camino teaches us pilgrims that life is moving quickly with people and places entering and leaving the journey. I am facing my own sadness in that the people I came with are gone. Yes, new people have already welcomed me on their journey ,forging new friendships that will be fleeting.
I truly hate goodbyes and have never been good at saying them or living them.
In my own sadness, Christ enters. The One, the only One , who NEVER says goodbye. The tears welling up in my eyes will be transformed into joy as they wash away the sadness. I’m sitting in a 12th century church trying to hear the hushed voices of the people, God’s people, who graced these walls and sacred space. People who have entered the Place of final destination, waiting for you and me to join them around the table in the Kingdom…a table that resembles an ancient door… Into the Heart of Christ and his Mother.
In the first reading at today’s Mass, the prophet Isaiah speaks of this final destination as a mountain in which all his people will gather strong this table , tears washed away, living together in joy. This is one of the most beautiful images in all of scripture. But to gain entrance into this feast, we have to have the proper garments. We must be clothed with humility and mercy, the two virtues that open us to the other. We can’t find a place at table with closed and selfish hearts.
With open hearts and an open mission, we the people of St. Teresa of Avila, are called to go into the neighborhoods and on the streets of Chicago and beyond to invite people to this feast of Eucharist…a foretaste of that Feast on the Mountain and in the Kingdom.
Buen camino. Fr. Frank

12 thoughts on “The Wizard of Oz. October 12, 2012. San Juan de Ortega

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have never seen the Wizard of Oz, can you believe it? It frightened me as a young child and my mother had to take me out of the theater!

    You are in my prayers as you walk in greater appreciation of all that is there waiting for you to receive…


    Sister Sandra


  2. Heather Denniston says:

    Beautiful. Thank you. A half a world away your insight and words touch our hearts. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Brian Ludden and Heather Denniston


  3. Nancy Van Grinsven says:

    We are really enjoying your blog entries. I love the way each one shares a special message with us. We’ll be thinking of you this week, and pray for strength and peace as you continue the journey.


  4. James says:

    Funny I tweeted Emilio last night with a link to your site.

    When do you think you will arrive in Leon ?

    If the spirit leads me I will go


  5. carpinodesign says:

    Fr. Frank, I feel I am on a Camino back in Chicago. Today I read your blog post on “Oz” and can’t wait to write in my journal about your thoughts. Then I saw a line by Hillel I want to share with you— “I get up. I walk. I fall down. Meanwhile, I keep dancing.” Keep dancing along your Camino!! Take care and peace be with you. Karen


  6. Amy McCue says:

    Thank you for your reflection. I know you are going to make so many new friends during the remainder of your journey and those tears will be wiped away. You are in our prayers.


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