A Roman Adventure. October 12, 2018

Off to get tickets to the canonization of Oscar Romero. The weather is beautiful and the streets are very crowded. Traveling is wonderful but difficult, especially when you forget an important medication. Phone calls to doctor relatively useless and the Vatican pharmacy even worse. A pharmacist at a local farmacia ended given me what she thought I was taking. But the dosage isn’t exactly my prescribed dose but close. So far I’m still alive and feeling well.

Things just happen in life that are unplanned and make for some anxiety. Why get all hot and bothered? What’s the point? It is what it is and it’s your reaction to the conundrum that makes all the difference. Time for a cafe con leche, molto caldo!!! To go…

4 thoughts on “A Roman Adventure. October 12, 2018

  1. Frank Swiderski says:

    Hope you were able to get a can of whipped cream for the con leche. Will be looking for your promised wave when I watch the televised canonization. Blessings. Frank


  2. Mary Jo Rice says:

    Well, now I think I know where you’ll be spending your birthday! So happy to know that you’re in one of your favorite places. (I call it “Corporate Headquarters.”) Safe travels, Frank. (If you need an Rx shipped to you overnight, let me know.)


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