Mother of Sorrows. October 21, 2016

I’m sitting in a quiet chapel in the cathedral of Leon, praying before a powerful image of Mary, holding the dead body of her Son on her lap. Her anguish speaks of a mother remembering when she bounced her son Jesus on this same lap. How he laughed and giggled as only a child can. Her memory carried her to other moments etched in her subconscious, but now surfacing into new, resplendent life. 

Jesus, lost in the Temple as he dialogues with the Scribes; preaching in the synagogue, opening the Book of the prophet Isaiah reading words of fulfillment….how angry the people got; first signs of rejection piercing Mary’s heart, just as Simeon predicted; the miracles of healing; multiplication of loaves and fish; telling stories that further angered the leaders;  selling and sending disciples; healing  Mary Magdalene; opening his heart to outcasts and sinners and breakers of the Law; the rejection grew and grew, as did Mary’s anguish; the trial and shouts of Barabbas; the Cross on His shoulders…His body shattered; the Encounter on the Way to Calvary with one last kiss; nailed to the Cross naked, as He came into the world in the stable of Bethlehem; the Cry to the Father begging forgiveness,  ring thirsty, feeling abandoned, carrying for Mary, giving her as Mother to ALL: His last parting gift before surrendering His Spirit; and he breathed His last…

Mary held this tortured body, weeping as these released memories created a portrait of the Artist known as God. Mary did the hardest thing a mother can do: let go!! And she did, giving Him back to the Father Who would breath Spirit life into the God man Jesus vanquishing death and its finality. 

Love wins out…life wins out…for Him…for US…Buen Camino. Fr. Frank

2 thoughts on “Mother of Sorrows. October 21, 2016

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful. I’ve always had a special connection with Mary. I’m looking forward to seeing you and the team tomorrow! I’m packed and ready to go.
    My flight is today at 4.



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