Visitation. May 22, 2016

Mary wasted no time. After the earth shattering news that she was to be the mother of the messiah, she gets up and leaves to “visit” her cousin Elizabeth, pregnant with John the Baptist. Elizabeth was considered barren( what an awful word) and too old to conceive. With God, things seem to happen beyond hope and expectation. 

Mary didn’t consume her time worrying or fretting about her future and all its overwhelming potentials. Mary refused to close in on herself and be filled with fear and anxiety. She went “out of herself ” and did something to help someone in need: she “visited” Elizabeth to help her in her pregnancy. When we close in on ourselves, we become trapped listening to those horrible worn our tapes, telling us that we may be in trouble or we won’t make it or stay put where it’s safe. 

The solution: visit someone!!! Leave your home or pick up the phone and contact someone who could use a spiritual lift. Small acts of charity and service can completely change our inner disposition. 

Peace. Fr. Frank

One thought on “Visitation. May 22, 2016

  1. Ron Bozek says:

    It’s all about leaving our comfort zone. When we do, who knows how we can cause new life to stir within someone who is spiritually, emotionally, or socially “barren”?


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