Making Excuses July 20, 2016

Today’s first reading relates the calling of the fiery prophet Jeremiah. This powerful preacher initially told God to go elsewhere because he felt he was too young and not able to communicate the message. Basically, God told Jeremiah to stop making excuses and accept the challenge. God would give him everything he needed to preach the Truth. All be needed to do was TRUST that God would be his constant companion. 

Jeremiah surrendered and became one if the most powerful prophetic preacher in all of Scripture. He preached a message that was roundly condemned by those in authority, making Jeremiah despised and his life threatened. He is the one who ended up being thrown in a cistern (well), alone, at the bottom of a  dark, danky and muddy well. He had to have wondered where God was as he faced rejection after rejection. But he endured and became stronger and more humble. 

Following God’s calling frequently is not very comfortable because the values coming from the Gospel are not readily supported by our culture. We can always find reasons to delay responding , or simply refuse to say “yes” to God: we’re too young, too old, we have too many obligations, it’s too late, we’re not strong enough, yada…yada…yada…

How is God calling YOU? What needs to change in your life? NOW is the time. One comforting truth: if you take up the challenge, you will NOT end up at the bottom of a water well. 

Peace. Fr. Frank

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