The Spirit Is Flowing. June 15,2016

In a week of pronounced tragedies, the Spirit is bubbling up in hope and promise. To surrender to fear and defeat is the easy way out, which  just keeps us bottled up and immobile. But there ARE signs of the Spirit emerging, and I  write them  as they surface:

In countless prayers services…in people planning new summer endeavors…in volunteers joyfully reaching out…watching children at play…learning about refugees…witnessing the outpouring of compassion for parents who mourn…the strengthened unity of the LGBT community…living in the present moment… having lunch with pastors who love their people…a dad who was able  to recognize loved ones…a prayerful  daily Mass…children safely at play…

These are but a few signs of the Spirit bubbling up…emerging…sometimes bursting forth. Look for them in your own life by reviewing the events and people experienced throughout the day. How was God experienced in these ordinary moments? As you re-experience these moments in prayer , God surfaces and the Spirit lifts your heart in Joy, even when there are tears. 

Whenever hope and compassion gain the upper hand, God is revealed and the Spirit set free.    

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