Going Green. June 11, 2016

Trying to “go green,” or doing one’s part to eliminate the forces that contribute to human influenced climate change, is daunting and life changing. Case in point: I daily drink Propel water by the liters, causing my plastic bottle use to skyrocket. I made a huge discovery at the grocery store: Propel comes in powder packets  sold in small cardboard boxes. I went to Rei, purchased three metal thermos containers, and I daily fill them with tap water, adding one of these propel packets for flavor. No more plastic bottles. I just have to find a water purifying system, since I’m not supposed to drink directly the water from the faucet. 

Living “green” involves making choices that affect one’s lifestyle. The amount of garbage we create, all  in the name of convenience, is astronomical. And in the name of convenience we are demeaning, not only the environment, but the poor, who pay the dearest price for our comforts and easy way of living. Our disposable culture gradually insulates us from consequences. If the earth and the natural environment become objects of manipulation, so too will human life. 

Going green means not only changing one’s lifestyle but, more importantly, changing how one sees creation. Human beings are a part of Creation, NOT above it or beyond it. Our faith teaches us that we came from the earth and will return to the “mother”earth. We are in relationship with the created world around us, compelling is to see the earth, water, air and skies as our “mother”, “sister”, and “brother.” We are ALL part of one big, beautiful family. Seeing life and the world with this Franciscan vision makes the color green a color for all seasons. 

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