Loneliness. May 9,2016

One of the most difficult experiences walking the 500 miles to Santiago is loneliness, a feeling of being disconnected from life and human warmth. One can be lonely in a crowd, in a marriage or in a community, which is probably the worst kind of loneliness. Endlessly walking day after day on the Camino, frequently alone, it was easy for me to become lonely. Sometimes I would be walking, what felt like an eternity,  with someone who was a burden to be with. The conversation with these folks is usually one sided with little interest in what you have to say. The worst loneliness I felt was listening to others whose values and priorities were  so opposite to mine and there was no room for dialogue. And yet,  I walked with people whodidn’t believe  in God or in religion and I felt tremendously close to them because we LISTENED to each other and there was respect. 

In the gospel, Jesus reminds us we are never alone…the Spirit descended into our hearts at Baptism and dwells within our hearts forever. When “connected” to this Presence within , we are never alone, and hence, we are not lonely. May we LISTEN to what the Spirit is trying teach us. 

Peace. Fr. Frank

Ascending In Spirit. May 8, 2016

This Feast of the Ascension celebrates not only Jesus returning to the Father but our own spirits soaring in hope and joy. The disciples left the scene of the Ascension,after saying goodbye to Jesus, in joy not sadness. They had work that needed to be accomplished: continuing the ministry of Jesus using their own unique gifts, rooted in their own humanity. As Jesus ascended into heaven, he descended into YOUR hearts and is a constant Presence guiding you on your own journey.

A little piece of heaven breathes in all of us, empowering us to create a vision of the world and the church. This  vision is rooted in gospel Beatitude and selfless love. We give texture and color to this vision as we engage our creativity, allowing the Spirit to direct and redirect our energy, values and priorities. Our unique vision is always rooted in faith and community, so that we are a part of something much larger than ourselves.

What is the vision that guides you on your own journey through life?

Peace   Fr. Frank