Ascending In Spirit. May 8, 2016

This Feast of the Ascension celebrates not only Jesus returning to the Father but our own spirits soaring in hope and joy. The disciples left the scene of the Ascension,after saying goodbye to Jesus, in joy not sadness. They had work that needed to be accomplished: continuing the ministry of Jesus using their own unique gifts, rooted in their own humanity. As Jesus ascended into heaven, he descended into YOUR hearts and is a constant Presence guiding you on your own journey.

A little piece of heaven breathes in all of us, empowering us to create a vision of the world and the church. This  vision is rooted in gospel Beatitude and selfless love. We give texture and color to this vision as we engage our creativity, allowing the Spirit to direct and redirect our energy, values and priorities. Our unique vision is always rooted in faith and community, so that we are a part of something much larger than ourselves.

What is the vision that guides you on your own journey through life?

Peace   Fr. Frank



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