Red Licorice . May 11,2016

As I was rushing down Michigan Avenue yesterday, I reached State street and turned. As I was briskly walking down State Street, umbrella in hand to keep me from getting drenched, I heard a tiny voice, “Could you help me.” I continued walking but that voice followed me. I stopped and reached in the front, right pocket of my jeans and pulled out two 20’s and a 10. What would you do, given that there were other people down that same street gently saying, “Help me?” Do I give to every person on the street who calls out in need or do I sheepishly walk by? And when should I just give that twenty dollar bill away?  “Well, we can’t help everyone,” is the voice of reason but is it the voice of the gospel? We all do whatever we can and must not judge the other who might respond differently. 

I did respond by remembering how much I love red licorice. I walked in the Walgreens at the corner of Michigan and State, purchased a little package of red licorice and then I had plenty of smaller bills, making it easier to respond to the voices of God reaching my ears. Paul says in today’s reading that it is more blessed to give than to receive. True, but we all receive something back every time we give. That little package of licorice was a sweet reminder of how much I receive when I give…when I am not deaf to the cries of the poor. 

God reached my heart through a package of licorice.  We connect with God in countless ways, simple unassuming ways, if only we become aware of the connection. God even uses licorice. 

Peace. Fr. Frank

4 thoughts on “Red Licorice . May 11,2016

  1. Penny Stolfe says:

    You continue to awe and inspire. Tony wants to know why you’re walking around with $50 in your pocket! Would love to see you. Give us a call.


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