Temptation. February 22, 2015

The Spirit drive jesus into the desert of temptation. And he faced this battle hungry and vulnerable. The humanity of jesus was in clear focus in the gospel that begins our journey into Lent.

We must face the temptation that faces each one of us and this temptation can be summed up in the following: live life on your own terms not God’s, a journey that leads nowhere. The tempter, Satan, wanted Christ NOT to accept the mission of the Father, to give his life in absolute unconditional Love for us…for all of humanity. Christ chose FREELY the road less traveled, a road of selfless Love leading to the Cross of suffering and salvation.

Freely choose to follow the path God wants for you, a path that respects the character, talents, temperament and limitations given you by God, Himself.
The Tempter will always try and “trip” you up, saying in so manny words, “take the easy way; think of yourself first and find happiness in the things that glitter.”

Now is the time to say NO to these temptations. Choose the way of unconditional love, a way that always involves the Cross… A way that always leads to Resurrection and Joy. The Angels who ministered to Jesus in the desert of temptation will hover over you on the path chosen for you by God. The Angels, the Saints, Christ will be your constant companions on the road less traveled.

Peace. Fr. Frank

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