Emmanuel. December 20, 2014

What title of Jesus has the most meaning for you ? The most common titles are: Christ, Messiah, Lord, Savior, Good Shepherd , King, Lamb of God, just to name a few. At this time of the year , the title, Emmanuel, speaks so eloquently of the Word made Flesh…the Incarnation. In the first reading of Saturday ‘s Liturgy, the sign is prophesied of the virgin giving birth to a son named Emmanuel: God Is with us.
Jesus, Emmanuel, walks with you on your journey through this life , leading you deeper into the Kingdom. What an intimate God it is who took on our flesh and blood and entered into our history…all of history. God walks with each and every human being and through each and every human being we can encounter this God of Love.

God’s Presence within fills your emptiness, dispels all fear, soothes doubts and robs discouragement of its power to deflate hope.

Emmanuel, God is with us…God is with our church as we come together to pray and worship…

God is with us in our Christmas plans and gatherings.

God is with us when we reach out to the poor with a coat or a sleeping bag.
God is with us as we do whatever we can to make the world a better place.

God is with us as we struggle with personal problems and addictions.

God is with us at every step of the way being our constant companions.

We need never fear for the God who is with us will displace that fear with JOY.

Peace and Joy. Fr. Frank

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