The Meseta. October 17, 2014

Most people think that this portion of the Camino , the Meseta , is the worst part of the journey because it is flat and seemingly endless. I find the Meseta to be beautiful and essential to the journey….absolutely essential! Walking in this environment ,that resembles the prairie, with fields of wheat and other crops, is phenomenal for the soul.
These past few days in the Meseta have allowed me to go deeper and allow a hidden wound from the past to surface. To be healed of that which haunts us demands that the Light reveal it. In the safety of God’s Love we CAN trust Him to heal the hidden wounds which only grow with time and repression.
The Meseta is allowing me to let this old wound finally be acknowledged and exposed to the God who will care for me. It took many years for me to trust and let go, thanks to this beautiful land, what many find so boring that they bus it to Leon !!! Maybe they are afraid of the silence and the void in which things we don’t like come to the surface. So many of us hate silence because in the silence we don’t have the distractions that prevent us from going deeper.
In today’s gospel, Jesus teaches us, his disciples, that God has counted every hair on our heads. If you’re bald , God can see and count what should be there!! And He says that what lies hidden will be revealed. Yes, the hurts and wounds need to be safely placed in God’s hands if we are going to grow out of hurt and resentment. How sad we sometimes choose to hang on to bitterness rather than let go and allow forgiveness and sorrow for sin to free us. God wants all of us to be free!!!
There are Mesetas everywhere, places of silence and solitude, in nature, a church, a room in your house, anywhere that will not allow distractions to prevent you from doing the inner work of letting hidden realities be revealed.

The irony: some of what lies hidden is NOT something bad or negative but beautiful and good. So many of us have hidden gifts or dreams or desires that have been buried in years of self doubt and denial. God wants them to be revealed and explored !! YES, our God is the God of exploration
and risk. I repeat: God wants You free.
My steps are just a bit lighter in this sojourn through the flat Meseta. Our wounds don’t just disappear but often take years to truly heal. So be it. I’ll just keep walking. We gotta start somewhere. And it’s never too late… I’m proof of that.
Buen camino. Fr. Frank





7 thoughts on “The Meseta. October 17, 2014

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this beautiful and helpful reflection. I am happy for you and the gifts you are receiving being” alone” with the Alone!!!


    Sister Sandra


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