The Portal. Sept. 23, 2014

I was walking past the building of our church at the corner of Armitage and Kenmore and saw the doorway completely gutted. One could see very clearly into the church through the heavy dusted air. The church couldn’t be more open without a massive set of doors LOCKED greeting people.
The doorway into the church has a particular soulful designation: the “portal.” The port us where a ship returns and rests after being at sea. The port is both an entranceway to land or to sea. The doorway of a church is both an entrance into the building or a re-entry into the world after encountering Christ in the Eucharist. The waters at the “portal” of the church are the waters of baptism. We pass through the doorway as baptized people needing to reignite the passion of our baptismal identity. We leave through the same doorway renewed with Word, Sacrament and Community as “leaven” for the world. We leave with a mission rooted in the waters of Baptism.
The entrance of our church without the doors is an apt symbol of our church and parish. We face the world with an openness to the people in the world and “outside” the church. Our mission rooted in the waters of baptism is to be in the world like an open church. May people see in us the presence of Christ. May our humanity become a harbor of rest and welcome.
May we open wide the doors…the portal of our hearts to God’s People.
Buen Camino. Fr. Frank


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