Letting Go. July 24, 2014

Just finished the final touches on packing my new 48L backpack….22 liters less than my last backpack two years ago. It was heavy !!! Almost 40 pounds!!! Last night my back weighed just under 20 pounds , a huge difference. Gone were the coffee mug, large I Pad, extra set of clothing, a pad for under my sleeping bag, a lighter sleeping bag, no floppy hat, no camera, no book for reading( my mini I Pad will suffice ).
I’m learning quickly that I don’t need nearly as much “stuff” as I think to make this journey. We fill our lives with too much of this “stuff”that creates the illusion that we have to keep buying and collecting to fill the inner void.
Letting go is just the first step. The question becomes : how will I fill the void?? Getting rid of all the things we don’t need just will allow us to buy new things, creating new clutter.
After letting go, we turn to God in prayer who will help us to begin to live life differently…more simply.
Buen camino. Fr. Frank

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