Welcome the Stranger. November 12, 2016

In today’s reading from 3 John we are encouraged to love the stranger and encourage them on their journey. These “strangers” will give witness and testimony to the love that the followers of Jesus gave them. I just came in from visiting our food distribution and saw our volunteers joyfully welcoming strangers. Their witness and the gratitude of these strangers, transformed into welcomed visitors, inspired me to write this entry. 

The persistent Widow in the gospel reminds us that consistent prayers encourages us to never give up on hope. Prayer opens our heart to the presence of God in the stranger, whose journey brought them to the doors of our parish and the doors of our hearts.Prayer changes   minds and hearts; prayer transforms the way we talk and how we convey, not only our hopes, but our disappointments as well. The Widow never gave up and her pleas were finally answered. But she never resorted to name calling or threatened words or gestures of vulgarity. She remained resolute, determined and anchored in love and filled with prayer. 

May we become like the Persistent Widow. 

Peace. Fr. Frank 

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