Brussels. October 3, 2016

Sitting in the airport at Brussels feeling somewhat lost, until I read the gospel thus morning telling the story of the Good Samaritan. A too familiar tale that has become domesticated: we know it too well and it’s impact is blunted. An enemy, a Samaritan, caring for his enemy , a Jew, in s most extravagant manner. He went way beyond all expectations as the wounded Jew’s own countrymen avoided him like a leper. How can I be a neighbor, not just to to an enemy but a stranger?

In this strange airport I encountered a young man in one of the shops sold  me an adapter for my I Phone. I actually forgot to put one in my carry on, while having a half dozen in my checked backpack. This  young salesman went out of his way to help me, even offering to charge the phone himself. I walked out of there with a spry in my step. Kindness goes a long way, transforming a stranger into a neighbor. And I haven’t even started walking yet. What stranger in your life can you transform into a neighbor, if even for just a moment in time?

Buen camino

Fr. Frank

6 thoughts on “Brussels. October 3, 2016

  1. Ann says:

    A wonderful way to start your Camino. I’m sure you will touch many neighbors on the way just as this young man touched you. God bless you!


  2. Mary Heider says:

    Had many of these experiences on my Camino as well (I left my adapter in the albergue in LaFaba). Got horribly lost in Santiago after dark and came upon a young couple who walked me at least a mile to the street I was looking for. I gave them hugs and told them they were angels to me, and the young man laughed and said, “That’s funny! My name is Gabriel!” Walking with you, Frank John!


  3. Tom & Myrna says:

    Thanks Father for another thoughtful posting. You always seem to find deeper meaning in everyday events. Walk well and know you are in our prayers. Peace.


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