Galicia. October 26, 2014

Just entering the most beautiful and difficult terrain of the journey. Sasha made it safe and sound and is doing well but taking care of a sore toe. She’ll be fine. Laura arrives on Halloween just in time to start howling to Santiago.
I had to stay in leon an extra day due to the trifecta : flu, cold and shin splint. All three were minor but reminders that I still have a body that needs some care and attention.
So many of the pilgrims have had to take extra days and even leave the Camino because if physical ailments.
The journey is a pilgrimage of faith for some of us who expect there to be ups and downs and many challenges. But many pilgrims are doing this mainly as a challenge, an experience to test their mettle and strengthen their resolve. We all have our reasons. They all are in God.

This territory of Galicia brings a Spanish Celtic flavor , a culture that predates Christianity.
The territory is spectacular but very difficult to travel on foot. I passed by a
“fence of crosses” with hundreds of wooden crosses formed by tree branches embedded into the fence.
Very moving, for each cross had a story about someone’s struggles and sufferings. Each one of us could place our own special cross which would witness to the ways we help Christ carry the Cross. We are all united in our joys and in our sufferings. Our crosses all find their origin on the One Cross.
Tomorrow I bring all the prayers you asked to be prayed for to the shrine of the Cruz de Ferro: the shrine of the Iron Cross. I will offer these prayers as I pray the Mass ,hopefully, at the foot of the shrine. Carrying those prayers in my backpack has been a privilege. Thank you.

I also want to thank all if you who have written to encourage me on this pilgrimage celebrating our 125th anniversary as a parish community.
The many birthday wishes were such a help on journey that can be lonely and disorienting.
Buen camino. Fr. Frank




18 thoughts on “Galicia. October 26, 2014

  1. Sharon says:

    Hope you are feeling better Fr. Frank! Galicia area looks beautiful – the fence of wooden crosses is especially moving. Thanks for carrying our own crosses all the way to the shrine of the Cruz de Ferro.


  2. Fr Frank, thanks for yet another moving comment & pictures. Take good crd of yourself. Today, many members of our faith family left messages on the floor of our soon to be new Church building! What a great idea. Myrna and I will remember & thank you, as we accept the Christifideles recognition for our parish. Thanks & Peace. Tom & Myrna


    • I wish j could be at the cathedral. You both deserve this award in so many ways. Tomorrow is the mass at cruz de ferro whete i will leave all thd prayers as a memory. I will pray hard for you all. Carlos will be with me. Peace snd love. Frank


  3. Ann says:

    We pray this day finds you rested and in improved health. Thank you for carrying our prayer requests with you on your journey and lifting them up in Mass. Praying for your continued safety & well-being.
    Ann & Marty


  4. Nancy Van Grinsven says:

    Hi Fr. Frank. Thank you again for the inspiring message and photos. We think of you often and pray for your safety. Also pray that you are lifted up through your wonderful journey. Looking forward to your return.


  5. Jim Trowbridge says:

    It was just today that I came upon your Camino postings. I will read them all, for the Camino seems to be an addiction. Two years ago today my daughter and I were one day away from arriving in Santiago on my 77th BD, Oct. 27, 2012, after 37 days of non-stop walking. Who is Fr. Frank? What parish in CHI?


  6. Valerie Williams says:

    Fr. Frank Latzko is the pastor of St. Teresa of Avila Parish at Armitage and Sheffield in Chicago, IL. He is a holy man, although he would likely dismiss that, as have many of the holy men who have pastored this parish of 125 years. He has deep faith and wide vision, a heart that is scarred but remains open, a curious mind and a poetic soul. And most importantly, he loves God — to the moon and back — and has a way of stirring up the hearts of others to do the same.

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  7. Mary Russell says:

    Fr. Frank, a blessing on your feet.
    I hope that when you return, there will be a time for you to share with the parish what all this walking means for you and for all of us. There’s a popular book in France, and now here in translation, about how walking changes us. (Frederic Gros, Philosophy of Walking) and he has a section on pilgrimage.
    I hope. also, that the parish will devise a way of sharing a walk from Synod on the Family, Part 1, to Part 2.


  8. Mary Russell says:

    My “send” should have been all about you, sending the healing thoughts of all who follow your journey. Can’t fix the shin splints, but hoping time will mend them.


  9. Dennis Kamalick says:

    Heya Frank! For some reason I was browsing through Youtube and discovered that the Notre Dame Glee Club journeyed the Camino in what appears to have been the summer of 2013. At the start of the journey, and at other locations along the way, they paused to sing either Ave Maria, or their Victory March, or a Spanish folk song in churches, in refectories and out in the open. I thought you might enjoy these video recordings and recognize their locations from your own journey.

    On another note, yesterday (Sunday 26 OCT 14) we were invited to leave our names or messages of some kind or other on the newly poured floor at the south end of the church. Magic markers were provided. I didn’t have anything to write down and then it struck me. I thought, “Why not?” so my saying was simply Jeremiah’s injunction that the place we are entering is sacred to us,, “Templum Domini, templum Domini, templum Domini est!”

    Tu es sacerdos in aeternum secundum ordinem Melchisedech. Have a great walk this day!



  10. Dennis Kamalick says:

    oops. Here’s one more. An impromptu concert given at the cathedral in Leon, featuring a clip from their performance of a gospel spiritual in a most unique setting. Enjoy!


  11. Barb Schel says:

    Just spent the last 2 hours binge reading all your posts and the comments. Thank you for taking the time to share your reflections and the beautiful photos. I’ve missed your homilies. Reading your posts has helped fill in the gap.

    You are so on target about needing to find a way to bridge the disconnect experienced by the youth I see with much sadness in my neice’s and nephews.

    My favorite photos were of the beautiful stained glass windows. Looking forward to the time coming soon when beautiful stained glass windows of our church will draw people inside to experience church in a new way.


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