Angels. October 2, 2014

The walk today was spectacular but challenging. It was uphill most of the way with no places to get coffee or a bite to eat. We were struggling up one of the many hills when anmarie, a fellow pilgrim, said God would somehow get us through this by reminding us that he is watching over us. No sooner had she said this than we turned a little bend in the road and there was a meg shift stand serving wonderful coffee, hard booked eggs , water, juice and some sweets.
It was our oasis where a human angel named Sabastian treated us so beautifully.
Yes, God is watching out for you and you just never know when you turn around and are embraced with the warmth of an angel disguised as a human being. God invaded our lives constantly with signs of his presence and love. He created the Angels as spiritual beings to love and serve him by guiding us, the pinnacle of creation. In Christ’s humanity we are ALL united with a common purpose : to give birth and life to the kingdom.
Today is the feast of the Angels and the pilgrims will gather tonight in the ancient church in Roncesvalles and celebrate the Mass in honor of the Angels. After the Mass we will receive a pilgrim’s blessing and prayer to guide us on our journey to santiago. I pray that you who read this will become more attuned to how God is trying to get through to you in your own unique life.
The Angels not only help us but we help them “get their wings ” when we treat each other with compassion and dignity. The Angels want us to recognize their presence and purpose : to help us realize that God is caring for us on our journeys and we are to extend his care to those we meet, especially the lonely and sick and poor. The Angels help us and we are called to return the favor.
Buen camino. Fr. Frank





15 thoughts on “Angels. October 2, 2014

    • Hi Sharon. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. My backpack us still way to heavy and I’m starting to unload. I hope you are finally in your apartment. Tell all I said hi. I will keep praying. Peace. Frank


  1. We start our Caminos here in the Windy City this evening with a short walk from the Daley Plaza to our parish, St Teresa of Avila. It stormed & rained hard all night, and we have a forecast of some possible rain this evening. We are looking forward to a good time and joining you all in spirit on your camino. Peace, Tom K


    • Hi Ryan and Natalie. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and respond to blog. Your words meant a lot to me. The WAy is beautiful but very difficult. Natalie, your mom must be a very strong woman. I’m having a difficult time with these steep inclines. Anyhow, hope you guys are going well. I’ll keep the prayers going. Peace. Frank


    • Hi Sara and Adam. Thanks so much for the words of support and for taking time to read the blog. Miss you all at the six. We’re having dinner at my place when I return. Peace and love. Frank


  2. John Eiffert says:

    Left foot, right foot. left foot, right foot. Only 775,000 more steps to santiago de compostela We are thinking and praying for you


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