NOW Is The Time. October 1, 2014

We arrived in Barcelona safe and sound. Mary ann, Rat, Margaret Anmarie and myself…four pilgrims missing the only train that would get us to Pamplona in time to make it to st Jean pied de Porte in France before the hostel would close its doors for the evening. First minor glitch. We stayed in Pamplona and will make our trek over the Pyrenees via taxi into at Jean and start walking this afternoon. Another major glitch: my cell phone data could not be retrieved. Thanks to anmarie who patiently spoke on her phone to a tech assistance for nearly an hour, the problem was solved with one forgotten press of a button.
All things considering , we had a great first day. I began the day with prayer and mass. The gospel spoke of Jesus telling the disciples that the call to follow is NOW and we have to stop making excuses in following his call. Whether it is saying our goodbyes first or even burying the dead( he didn’t really mean not to bury a loved one; he was just using exaggeration to awaken us) ; we all come up with reasons why we don’t or can’t change. “I’m too old” or “I’m too busy” or “my family will be inconvenienced” or “I promise I will do it when my affairs are all in order” (they never are!!!!!) tomorrow….tomorrow ….tomorrow ….and nothing changes….we don’t change and life becomes stagnant. We just become comfortable in our endless excuses to stay right where we are.
Jesus us calling all of us out of our comfort zones into a life of transformation. This always involves change if perspective and attitude which lead to changes in how we think which leads to change of heart. We need to become unsettled just a bit and tryst that Jesus will accompany us as we respond NOW to his calling. Right now, I don’t want to leave this warm, comfortable cafe with its delicious coffee. It’s too chilly outside; I had a long day yesterday; my fellow pilgrims need a further day to rest; maybe I’ll take a bus!!!!
I’m leaving….NOW ….to a pilgrim path that has many unknowns. No wonder I want to stay. Who likes all those “unknowns?” God comes alive and our very purpose in all those unknowns.
Buen camino. Fr. Frank




8 thoughts on “NOW Is The Time. October 1, 2014

  1. Sister Sandra says:

    Thank you for the beautiful reflection. Sounds like a good beginning for your little “Camino Community’.

    Please carry Kevin, 3 weeks old, with you. In intensive
    care. His mom is Amalia, a Mixteco mother.


    Sister Sandra


  2. Katie Assell says:

    Glad to hear you and other pilgrims are safe during your trek over the Pyrenees. Thanks for the wonderful reflection and challenge to make “NOW” the time. You are inspiration to us all and remain in our prayers. Katie & Jon

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    • How is frank doing? Miss your wonderful but petulant humor. I’m staying in puente de reina which means the queens bridge. You would fit right in !! Hope all is well. Tell Ray I said Hi. Peace Frank


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